In February 2023, SuccessWeb launched a Website for Catrina, a massage therapist based in Narooma in NSW, Narooma Wellness. It is truly amazing the places that we get to discover from our Website enquiries. Narooma is stunning and had we restricted this meeting to a Zoom meeting, we would not have been able to represent this business as well we now have. Optimising the website when we actually got to see and be in the surrounding few, populated suburbs made a world of difference instead of guessing by looking at a map of surrounding names of suburbs.

After Covid, Catrina’s massage & day spa business never performed back to its former level again. The previous website was not optimised – a mistake a lot of business owners make by opting out of that option. This is largely about not understanding the importance and/or not wanting the expense of Search Engine Optimisation.

If anyone wants any value from their website, SEO at a minimum is a must! SuccessWeb provides affordable SEO that work and our clients rank on Page 1, just like Narooma Wellness does for Narooma and the targeted surrounding suburbs.