No Guesses. Just Facts.

Opinions are Debatable.
Analytics is Reliable.

When you choose a Marketing Agency where the Marketing Executives have won awards for being one of the best versus many, proving performance is something that is part of the process and our agency looks forward to that aspect.

You want to know what works and what does not. We eliminate the guess-work for you. The beauty of digital advertising is that a lot of what you need to know is tracked.

Every lead and customer are worth your investment and this costs you nothing when the returns are greater than the outlay. The more customers that your business acquires, the more you proportionately get back in return.

As you will read on our SEO page, ranking your business highly when your potential client is searching for you requires a synchronisation of several mechanisms that take time and costs money. This is why we track views to your website and, from what source of traffic do those visitors come from?

Each industry has an average minimum daily / weekly / monthly number of views in order to receive enough inbound enquiries to keep your business profitable. If that minimum is not achieved on a regular basis, this would be one of the telling indicators that the business will be suffering in revenue.

The meetings that we have with you are not just a chat about “how many clicks that your website has had?” The meetings in regards to HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS will be based around:

  1. which areas of your web traffic sources needs to become more prominent on search engines and
  2. how are we going to go about achieving that


Graphic Design (e.g. Logo Design), Website Design and Business Signage are the predominant areas of focus for business owners… and dare we say, perhaps even too much!

Why? Design without dominant exposure means that phones don’t ring and sales do not happen.


Photo & Video

There are no great Advertisements or Websites with bad photography. If you want your own Product Images and your own Business Videos on your Website, look no further.

Growth Authority provides Business Photography and Business Videography Services.



How are You Going to Choose the Marketing Agency that You Believe Will Help You Grow your Business?

  1. The Cheapest Quote?
  2. The One that Makes the Biggest Promises?
  3. A Proven One that’s Gone the Distance and, Worked Through Various Economies?

Showing a report and talking about how many ‘clicks’ you have had is not the only thing that this is about. Analytics are for bucking trends; marketing for growth; forecasting; and, exceeding that forecast.

Successful Business Owners Focused on Growth...

...regular catch ups of like-minded directors, where we organically learn new & better ways to do business from each other.

Web Design, proven SEO results, Graphic Design, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Videography & Photography for select businesses seeking steady growth.