Continuous acquisition of new clients is a critical element of any business. This means that reliable lead sources need to be on point to generate those inbound enquiries.
How do you go about it in an affordable and cost-effective manner?
  1. Start with an affordable lead source that returns you more than it has cost you… this is a financially stress-free point to start from… (remember; any source that provides you with more Returns than the Investment is not costing you a cent but instead, it’s making you a profit)
  2. Once point 1 starts to work, within the first two months you will know if it that source generates enough revenue to sustain your business and personal life expenses. At that 2-month mark, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE if it is generating ROI… you simply need to build up on sources of ROI
  3. Step up to TRUSTED & KNOWN points of research, conversion and purchase and make your business prominent there. If it is commonly used, it will not be cheap as you will have a lot of competition there.
  4. Choose an established, local expert via a local agency to assist you. So many business owners tell people to “SHOP LOCAL”, yet, their Websites or Search Campaigns are handled from overseas. What irony… and when that overseas agency suddenly closes, how do your retrieve your access?

Nothing of great value is cheap and taking a step in the ‘value arena’ is a worthwhile step that separates the well-researched / informed business owner from the “shouldn’t have to spend to get clients” segment.

Outrun personal cost of living. Outrun the cost of running your business. Outrun the economy over and over again because unexpected challenges will always occur…

…it’s just that the situation right now is clear evidence that many businesses need to raise revenue at a fast rate and via various means. Increased inbound leads… correct pricing with the right message (marketing)… and, being damn good at conversion.
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